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  • Thời gian làm việc: thương lượng
  • Nhận đơn đến ngày: 07/12/2022
  • Địa điểm làm việc Hồ Chí Minh
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Mô tả vị trí việc
Maido Agency cần tuyển Junior Account Executive làm việc tại Hồ Chí Minh, mức lương từ 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 VND. Tuyển dụng sẽ hết hạn trong 24 ngày. Chi tiết công việc như sau: Mô tả Công việc ABOUT MAIDO: Maido is an AI-powered agency platform that provides smart marketing solutions for SME in Japan and Vietnam. Maido was established in 2019 with the goal of providing marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises using Artificial Intelligence. We believe that the process of marketing should be transparent, with no guesswork. That's why we base everything on data to make decisions. Our AI-powered platform will help clients make smarter marketing decisions such as new ads optimization, new approach for email marketing, smarter budget allocation for the next marketing campaign and much more. Our roots are in data and we love it - it’s where we get to understand different audiences, to experiment, to gain insight and to see how people really engage and respond to ideas. It's our mission to level up every human by educating and moving the digital industry forward. Our goal is to help you level up and succeed. We accomplish this through mentoring or training, but also by providing great resources and tools. FUNCTIONAL BUSINESS OBJECTIVES (FBOs): We are looking for a passionate Junior Account Executive who is dedicated to finding solutions to support clients. The ideal candidate will be experienced in sales and customer service. You’ll be directly responsible for the preservation and expansion of our customer base. We expect you to be a reliable professional, able to balance customer orientation and a results-driven approach.Your goal is to identify opportunities with prospects and new clients and build them into long-term profitable relationships. Report to: General Manager _________________________________________________________________ KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: + Managing social pages and incoming calls. + Establish and remain in regular contact with prospect clients to identify and understand their needs. + Proactively discuss with other executives to create strategy for the client's campaign, goals and outcomes. + Developing budgets & timelines for clients, coordinating teams to meet campaign milestones. + Provide professional after-sales support to maximize customer loyalty. + Respond to complaints and resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction and to maintain the company’s reputation. + Negotiate agreements with clients and keep records of sales and data. Yêu cầu Tuyển dụng REQUIREMENT: + Proven experience working as an account executive for at least 1 year. + Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business administration or management, or related field. + Proficient in English. + Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. + Comprehensive and current knowledge of company offerings and industry trends. + Ability to understand client needs and handle the negotiation process. + Strong time management skills. + Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. + Effective communication skills. + Excellent customer service skills. + The drive and energy to manage multiple accounts while looking for new opportunities. + A valid driver's license and reliable transportation is required. Chế độ & Phúc lợi WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US? + Maido offers a high and competitive salary from internship to manager positions, up to 15,000,000vnd. + Maido has an awesome and inspiring work environment and business culture. + Maido is all about work efficiency, our internal platform has an automatic report system, where you can work more productively and avoid tedious tasks. + Our office is located at the center of District 1. + Maido provides our employees with high-quality equipment from Apple, Samsung, Dell, and Sony because we want you to do your best at work. + We are dedicated to offering unlimited growth opportunities. + International business travel: Have opportunities to apply for citizenship, travel overseas and work in Japan. + Legality: Maido ensures that our employment contracts are transparent, and your health care benefits will be fully provided. Lưu ý khi nộp hồ sơ
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