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1/ Product Owner:

Product Owner work with other departments (Information Technology Center, Operations Department, Customer Service Department, Human Resource & General Affairs Department and Designing Team to making changes in product optimization and adjustments in products for making it more desirable, cost-effective, profitability and increase customer satisfaction and internal user:
– Drive the execution of all product lifecycle processes for products, including product research, market research, competitive analysis, planning, positioning, roadmap development, requirements development, and product launch;
– Integrate usability studies, research, and market analysis into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction;
– Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products;
– Analyze requirements and performance from internal systems to improve and develop them more streamlined and optimized;
– Have the chance to cooperate and have daily / weekly discussions with CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, CHRO ….to understand customer viewpoints and make the plan for the Operations Department.

2/ Business Analyst

– Use statistical methods to analyze data and generate useful business reports;
– Work with the operations teams to create a prioritized list of needs for each business segment;
– Identify and recommend new ways to save money by streamlining business processes;
– Develop and implement a strategic business plan based on data;
– Develop new insights and drive planning of new products and features of shipping solution and shipping service;
– Collaborate with engineering and product development teams to propose solutions and strategies to business challenges;
– Deploy new projects and collaborate with other departments to ensure the quality of the delivery services;

3/ Data Analyst

– Manage master data, including creation, updates, and deletion;
– Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of data tables in our distributed system;
– Support the datamart in identifying and revising reporting requirements;
– Provide quality assurance on the quality and accuracy of data tables;
– Help develop reports and analysis;
– Support Business Analyst by preparing ad-hoc complicated/customized data tables;
– Serve as an advocate of our data-driven culture;
– Work with other members (Data Engineer, Business Analyst) to implement, integrate and optimize our existing systems.


– Salary: up to 2000$/ month (negotiable);
– A young and dynamic working environment with many promotion opportunities, creating a sustainable career path;
– Get maximum support and training to master operations knowledge with additional leadership skill to meet the job’s requirements;
– Be empowered, self-determined and have enough space for self-development in a typical E-logistics environment;
– Welfare regimes in accordance with current Law and premium personal medical insurance package;
– Other rewards and promotions on special occasions.


– Graduated from universities in majors: Logistics, Supply chain, Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Maths, Information System
– Strong business sense are mandatory;
– Ability to multi-task and work independently under tight deadlines;
– Good at communication skills, Detail-oriented, strong organizational skills;

– For BA, DA position: Have experiences with data analytics tools and proficiency in Excel, SQL (optional) and Power BI (optional)


– Time of work: Monday – Saturday morning, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.
– Add: GHTK buiding, 8 Pham Hung, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.


To apply, please send us your CV and Academic Transcripts to email: Ứng viên vui lòng ứng tuyển phía trên.
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