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  • Thời gian làm việc: thương lượng
  • Nhận đơn đến ngày: 09/08/2022
  • Địa điểm làm việc Hồ Chí Minh
Mô tả vị trí việc


Arrange business meeting & appointment

Keep and file confidential and important documents

Payment process for business matters

Coordinate schedule, travel plans, company meetings and functions

Contact with potential tenants and business partners

Check, monitor the monthly expenses: stationery, telephone, courier, grab, drinking water, etc.

Help deal with HR related issues

Help to process registration for PIT, SI, Health Insurance

Contact and process registration with the building for relevant company activities

Any other relevant administrative requests by the GM, on an ad-hoc basis.


Bachelor's degree ("not to judge your education background, just to see your efforts in life," said the GM.)

Fresher or 1-2 years of experience

Hands-on experience using Emails, Internet, Searching tools, Phone, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

A quick learner and the flexibility/adaptability to changes

Be proactive and able to propose new topics

Ability to listen, take notes, and translate the direction, and instruction toward other execution teams

A great team player, a positive attitude, and eagerness to learn in a fast-paced digital industry

Be versatile and open to different tasks & roles depending on the team's needs

Excellent English communication, writing, and listening skills to facilitate cross-border interactions and discussions

Have strong logical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills

Live the same value


Great salary package. Annual performance review.

13th-salary Bonus for all staff.

Premium Healthcare Insurance (2 sponsored packages): you and your spouse/child/parent.

Annual Health Check-up for all staff.

Annual Loyalty Award packages (3mil - 5mil - 10mil), 5-year Award, and 10-year Award.

Good career advancement opportunities.

Product-oriented. Agile project management style. Dynamic and English-speaking working environment.

Opportunity to acquire technical knowledge and experience in the latest technologies.

Up to 18 annual leaves a year PLUS 05 sponsored extra day.

Working hours: 8 hours x 5 days/week (Monday to Friday). Thirty-min break at 4 PM every day.

And so much more!
​If this interest you, please contact us for a coffee. So we can share and learn more about you.

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