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Mô tả vị trí việc

1. Internal accounting, administration:

- Responsible for booking all business transactions to accouting software

- Tracking sales, customer liabilities to domestic and foreign customers

- Purchase orders, purchase contracts, track liabilities payable from HR

- Handle banking procedures: create and submit payment orders in domestic and overseas, follow deposit and loan, prepare for banking forms, bank statement, etc.

- Make monthly management reports such as Income Statement, and other reports as required by managers.

- Other duties as assigned

2. Tax accounting, synthesis

- Ensure the accounting voucher and records comply with the provisions of law, accounting standards (VAS), laws and regulations on tax

- Salary calculation by department. Compare the premium payable with the insurance agency, the trade union fee.

- Calculation of cost price, distribution of tools and instruments, prepaid expenses

- Balancing and estimating revenue and expenses. At the end of the quarter, make tax reports and pay tax if incurred: VAT, personal income tax, corporate income tax, contractor tax, report on the use of invoices, report on PIT withholding documents.

- In charge of tax quarterly declaration and annual financial statements
- Manage and arrange all accounting document

- Provide, explain documents and data to tax, audit as required


- Willing to learn/practice new ideas, new models

- 3 years of experience as Accountant

- Have experience in using Misa on cloud (Amis)

- Advanced Google Spreadsheet skills

- Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills

- English at comprehension level
- Have knowledge in software / software exporting industry is a plus

- Have a chief accountant certification or aim to get a certification in 2022 is another plus.

What you'll love about us?About your pay:- Up to 12M

- Luch support

- Can receive up to 15 months of wage payment

- Receiving bonus based on individual & company performance

- Receiving social insurances and health care

About your job:
- Working with a transparent accounting system that meets international standards

- Get supported and consulted from an external consulting agency

- Be promoted to a chief accountant
About your manager:- In fact, there are no managers but facilitators and product owners who do coaching and help you complete your tasks in the most effective way

- Set goal and give you feedback at the right time to improve your performance and productivity

About your colleagues:- Young, passionate, responsible and professional- Give you support 24/7- Create a comfortable atmosphere so that you will feel like you are at homeAbout your CEO:-Focus on people, and willing to invest in you in order to continuously expand your personal capacity- Strive to a big mission and visions- Be open, transparent and aligned throughout the company, teams and individuals- Give you inspiration most of the timeAbout your workplace:- Provide high-quality water for drink (Lavie) and help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Healthy body, healthy mind- Fulfill your needs for coffee, snack, fresh fruits all day- Dual monitor working mode is always on- Create unforgettable experience and memorable moments together through company trip 1 ~ 2 times per year- Agile transformation environment in which you can practice Agile, Scrum everyday- Various opportunities for you to unleash your potential by learning new technologies and working with clients directly from all over the world.About your career path:-Develop your own career without limits: Fresher Employer Branding Executive, HR Manager are possible alternative destinations- Have the opportunity to learn numerous skills of Technical, English, Time Management, Productivity Management…

Please submit your own resume (CV) in English to email Ứng viên vui lòng ứng tuyển phía trên.

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