Senior pr executive (biz-eyes)

  • Mã số việc làm: 054710
  • Mức lương:
  • Thời gian làm việc: thương lượng
  • Nhận đơn đến ngày: 27/01/2021
  • Địa điểm làm việc Hồ Chí Minh
Ứng tuyển nhanh
Mô tả vị trí việc
Square Group cần tuyển Senior PR Executive (Biz-Eyes) làm việc tại Hồ Chí Minh, mức lương thương lượng / cạnh tranh. Tuyển dụng sẽ hết hạn trong 3 ngày. Chi tiết công việc như sau:

Mô tả Công việc

1. Project management
  • Proactive to manage assigned tasks under Line manager’s supervision to deliver excellent execution across channels as committed to clients. Key duties include:
 Develop compelling across-channel contents (Print, 0nline, TV, Digital and Social platforms) and make sure they appear on approved channels
 Build project timeline, checklist
 Assist Line Manager to manage audio/visual production (layouts/designs/photos/viral clips)
 Handle logistics preparations for medium-scale events (press conferences, seminars, offlines, etc.)
 Handle simple digital production (website, app, game), digital amplification and management, conversation management
 Deal with advertising departments, media agencies to book good media spaces/advertising slots on newspapers, magazines, journals, broadcasts, social media sites, etc.
 Track progress, review project tasks to ensure that deadlines are met appropriately
 Make daily/weekly/monthly reports to clients on projects’ results and progress
 Manage project operation costs
 Take and manage other requirements from Line manager
  • Follow the company’s standard integrated working process
2. Relationship management
  • Well co-ordinate with journalists in different media outlets to pich press releases/feature ideas, interesing them in covering clients’ stories. Support Line Manager to build and maintain media relationship
  • Well co-ordinate with clients, authorized agencies, third-party vendors, internal resources, etc. to gain their trust and ensure the deliverables to clients
  • Proactively communicate project status to Line manager weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually in a timely manner or raise alerts if any issue/concern/new client’s request arises
Company/Department culture/system building
  • Proactive to join good bonding activities to promote the company’s Professional - Friendly culture

Yêu cầu Tuyển dụng

  • College/BA in Communications, Marketing or related fields (Journalism, Languages, International Relations, Foreign Trade, etc.)
  • Proven 01-02 years project management experience at the same level in one or more of these above-mentioned areas
  • Have proper understanding about several brands in different industries including industry characterisitics, target market, brand positioning, competitors, etc.
  • Good in English
  • Good in Microsoft 0ffice programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Confident and professional communication (oral and written)
  • Good time management and multi-tasking (scheduling and prioritizing more important and time sensitive tasks to meet deadlines)
  • Ability of engaging and working well with people in different styles
  • Good in writing or editting effective cross-channel contents in various styles
  • Have general understanding of channel landscape in VN, channel categories, differentiate types of media/social pages/fanpage…
  • Be confident in coordinating with people in various styles and maintaining good relationship
  • Understand principles of digital tactics: Facebook/ Youtube ads, Forum/Social Seeding, SE0, SEM, website building, etc. Know how to manage digital production, digital amplification and management, conversation management is an advantage
  • Willing to learn. Responsible. Detailed-oriented. Integrity. Positive working attitude
  • Be able to work under high pressure and meet deadlines
  • Able to travel independently between multiple work sites

Chế độ & Phúc lợi

Trao đổi chi tiết trong buổi phỏng vấn.

Yêu cầu từ Senior PR Executive (Biz
Vị trí Senior pr executive (biz-eyes) ưu tiên tuyển dụng những ứng viên sau:
- Bằng cấp: Bằng cấp tương đương - Kinh nghiệm: Trao đổi khi phỏng vấn
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