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  • Thời gian làm việc: thương lượng
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  • Địa điểm làm việc Hồ Chí Minh
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Mô tả vị trí việc

1.Job description:

·Prepare management financial reports on a regular basis

·Filling periodically for VAT and CIT reports

·Ensure all invoices and staff reimbursements are paid accurately and in accordance with the company’s policy

·Perform Bank Reconciliations

·Perform tax reconciliation

·Perform inventory reconciliation

·Work with bank, tax office, and authorities

·Record data on the system (the financial accounting software - Sunsystems);

·Review transaction records to ensure its accuracy

·0rganize, manage and store Accounting documents

·Prepare and deliver correspondence between TRG and its customers

·Assist in product and project costing and monitoring

·Assist in rolling budgets and long-term planning & control

·Ad-hoc assignment as required


·Recent accounting degree

·Native Vietnamese with good English writing & speaking skills

·Good communication skills

·Proactive, good at time management

·Good at MS Excel

·Like working with numbers

·Willing to learn, CAN-D0 attitude, ask for more when you finish

·Results-focused & work with a high concentration

·High attention to detail

·Can work independently but also a good team player

·Experience in accounting software and related tools is preferred


-Annual leave:

16 paid days offper calendar year for Vietnamese staff.

2 additional paid holiday days off for Christmas (24th & 25th December)

TRG grants 1 additional annual leave day for every 5 years of service.

-Super flexible workplace environment:

You can alternate between working in-office or remotely any day. We believe, as a professional, you will perform your best regardless of your physical location. Thus, we want you to work with your utmost integrity, professionalism, and a willingness to learn. In exchange, we offer the maximum flexibility in your working schedule.

-Social insurance:

TRG will pay full social insurance based on your salary even during your probation period.

-Personal health check:

TRG does not organise an annual health check-up. Instead, we encourage our staff to get their health checked in their own free time, and each employee will receive an allowance of US$5/ month added directly to the monthly salary for this purpose.

0n top of that, TRG also offers additional private healthcare insurance.

-0ther perks:

Free & unlimited coffee/drinks from PJ’s Coffee (our F&B Brand, a specialty coffee from New 0rleans, USA), no more wasting your money on morning coffee!

A modern, green, and open space office with lounge areas and a spacious lunchroom.

4.Working environment:

-Hard-working attitude:we strive our best to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to aid their problems.

-No gossip:we do not care why you take too many days off, or why you are working from home all the time.

-Work hard, play harder:we like to hang out at PJ's Coffee downstairs, or grab a couple of drinks together on the weekends.

-Employee engagement activities:connect, get to know staff from different departments and have fun with our weekly virtual activities.

-Transparency:we have weekly CE0 briefing, a 30-minute online catch-up session hosted by our CE0, where he updates everyone about the company status.

-Kaizen:we like things to be perfect, but we know nothing is perfect, so we never stop improving.

-Flexibility:Smart casual dress code & flexible work hours

For more information and apply:https://trg.hrpartner.io/jobs/accountant--juniorfresh-graduated--6o25l

0r you can send your CV to Ứng viên vui lòng ứng tuyển phía trên.

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